Our Core Values

Promoting Business Excellence

CEO Think Tank® provides business excellence programs and advisory services, leadership team development and education and proven solutions for challenges that face fast growing mid-market firms. We only work with CEO’s, Presidents, Executives and their teams who are looking to excel in what they do. We help them to focus on the right goals and tactics, execute against their plans, increase accountability throughout their companies and by doing so, deliver a significant return on their investment.


Core Values:

Build Lasting, Win-Win Relationships

We value what can be created over the long haul and work to build lasting relationships with our clients, our alliance partners and our vendors. We strive for WIN/ WIN in everything that we do.


Leverage our Strengths

We recognize what we as individuals and as a company have passion for and do well and where we need to create alliances, develop systems or refer to others.


Communicate Effectively

We understand the importance of keeping everyone “in the loop” vis a vis the company’s direction and goals, its financial health and its current priorities and “rocks”. We work to ensure that everyone is on the same page and we’re never afraid to pick up the phone and have a “fierce” conversation.


Practice what We Preach

We employ the frameworks and methodologies that we teach because they are the best frameworks and methodologies available. We also gain knowledge and confidence in the effectiveness of our approach, and we develop empathy for our client as we work to live up to our own search for excellence.


Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

We are a Best Practices organization. We provide methodologies, resources, tools and expertise that ensure that our clients don’t have to “Re-invent the wheel” and get the best results for their efforts.


Return on Investments

We promise a return-on-investment to each of the people with whom we work – on their time and their money.

Roadmap for Smart Scaling

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