Top-line Growth and Innovation

Are you struggling to stay relevant in your industry, unable to generate the growth and sales you need to meet your financial targets, or losing business to your competition? With the rate of change in business today, the reality is many companies lose momentum before they reach their full potential, ultimately stalling their growth.The secret to sustaining annual top-line growth of 20 to 30 percent is utilizing an innovative approach that leverages customer feedback combined with creating new, more profitable offerings and products. Our top-line growth program will help you create a pipeline of products and services to keep you ahead of the competition, enlarge your market, and provide recurring revenue.

This program provides hands-on experience with contemporary approaches to innovation and strategy development, including:

  • Identifying and addressing the gap between your three-year objectives and expected business growth
  • Understanding the three components of a balanced growth strategy
  • Uncovering new opportunities in your current customer base
  • Reducing the costs and risks of new products
  • Designing and implementing an innovation process

With our help, you can plan for your company’s future growth, ignite innovation and development, and connect your operating plan to your three-year strategy.

What is the “Real Top Line?”

Revenue is vanity. It may give you bragging rights at cocktail parties, but gross profit growth – the “real” top-line – is sanity. And if you don’t have your eye on gross profits, it will hinder your business’s growth and its ultimate value and fundability. If your business model doesn’t work to minimize the costs of providing service to customers, it could put you out of business.

If figuring out the secrets to increasing top-line growth and profitability in your business has you stumped, contact us to learn more.