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Ed Sullivan, four-time entrepreneur and currently CEO of G2Link, has a track record with companies that might turn a few of you green with envy.     And, while he is highly creative, he is also extremely disciplined when it comes to running his businesses.

At a recent lunch with him and a couple of my clients, Ed turned to one of the CEOs and asked,

“So, what’s the first number that you look at when you come to work each day?”

The CEO was caught off guard…”Wow, that’s a greatquestions,” he replied after a moment of silence.

So, in a follow up to my last blog post ‘How are you turning up the heat?’…

My next question is…

‘How will you know that “it’s” working?”

What number(s) do you look at when you walk in the door?

If you don’t have the right set of measurements in place to track your progress – on a weekly AND daily basis – as well as monthly and quarterly, you can’t possibly know whether your efforts are bearing fruit…and whether or not you need to make a mid-course correction.

But what should that number be?…

What are other companies doing?…

Stay tuned for some great examples in next week’s post!



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