Last month we shared the results from our 12th Annual Growth Strategies survey and no surprise, when we asked CEO’s about their biggest challenge for growth, the answer was People. Attracting and retaining talent, being a better Coach and Manager and creating an engaged and aligned workforce were all cited as major stumbling blocks to business growth and profitability.

In point of fact, however, the People decision has been the #1 challenge that faces small and mid-market companies in the Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware areas, for over five years running. 

There’s a lot of ground that’s covered in that six-letter word, as well as sleepless nights, but a few key issues with People keep showing up year after year.

Which leads me to ask, “Are you one of those leaders who’s looking to make a difference in the People end of the equation in your business in 2018?”


If so, here’s five resources from our blog archives that just might give you a leg up. And maybe give you a restful night too!

1) If you’re struggling with finding and attracting people:

Your Core Values and Culture just might need some tweaking. John Ratliff, of Appletree Answers, shared some of his insights at our Growth Strategies breakfast back in 2016. Check out his 7 practical leadership lessons on how to create and sustain a strong Core Culture here.

2) If retaining the right people is your challenge

You may have an issue with Engagement. Here are four possible culprits that may be sucking your energy dry.

3) Do you struggle to provide candid feedback to your staff?

Kim Scott’s Radical Candor video provides a simple framework for having a powerful conversation with your employees.  The secret? Focus on providing guidance, not feedback. Take 10 minutes to watch her engaging presentation, “The Surprising Secret to being a Good Boss”.

4) How are you onboarding people?

Do you even have a process? Often we focus all of our attention and time on recruiting and hiring but drop the “management” ball once they’re a part of the team. Here’s five practical must do’s to ensure that your hiring investment gives you a great return.

5) Is your people “problem” you?

Do you simply want (and need) to be a more effective manager? David Rock, author of the SCARF model, shares his four “brain” factors for upping your game on this 15 minutes video.  Go right to minute 10 to learn more about the SCARF model – one of my favorite management tools.



Take a few minutes to scroll through ALL of our blog resources and you can become a more enlightened leader too!

And if you want to learn more about the results from our 12th Annual Growth Strategies survey, check out our findings from 2018 here.

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