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So what’s one of the biggest mistakes that a CEO can make when he or she decides to expand overseas? “Not spending enough time – yourself – ‘in country’.” That’s a key insight of Lucinda Holt’s after spending time with over thirty other executives and leaders from around the world and traveling overseas as part of a year-long Eisenhower Fellowship. “As the CEO, you need to go,” she states emphatically.  “That’s what it takes to get a true read on the country and how to do business there successfully… You need to spend time there to meet the indigenous citizens, not just the expats, not even just the English-speaking corporate or business development people.  Immerse yourself in the culture, go to dinnerwalk through the market, get out beyond the major cities where it feels more foreign. The deeper your understanding of the cultural environment, the more likely you are to succeed.” Lucinda has concluded that this is true no matter where you go – even a relatively familiar place like the United Kingdom is significantly different, despite what American business people may think. So what other insights does she have for businesses considering “going global”?  Or even one that already has? Join us on Tuesday, April 5th for our Fifth Annual Growth Strategies breakfast and find out! Click here for more info…



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