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Wil Reynolds has made mistakes – like every business person whom I’ve met. But he’s also learned from them – and created a profitable and highly successful Internet Marketing company in the process.

Seer Interactive was started by Wil almost a decade ago, in 2002. The company is now a national leader among SEO companies, has a staff that’s approaching 40 employees and operates a golden rule: they will not perform services for a company if they cannot analyze the ROI. They love analytics and that’s the type of business that they focus on. Period.

“I’ve learned the hard way,” Wil shares, “to not ‘overthink’ my business or my approach. We have three guiding principles that have served us from the beginning. One, do really good work that we enjoy. Two, work with clients that we like and don’t work with clients who we don’t want to work with or can’t really serve and three, have good people on our team that we enjoy working with.”

One of Wil’s early mistakes? When Seer was a lot smaller, he had a self-limiting belief that he could only grow to a certain size.

“I was never a ‘big’ thinker. Initially I thought that I couldn’t grow and still maintain the same level of relationships or service that I enjoyed. That ‘limited” thinking stunted our growth and slowed us down. I’ve since realized that it’s not about the numbers, it’s about your ability to stay connected with the people with whom you work.”

So Wil changed his priorities and made his business about relationships – and seeking out good relationships and making them better.

“There are all of these companies that we’d like to work with out there. Am I going to turn these folks away because of ‘artificial’ limits?…Instead, we’re taking it one day at a time and using our principles to guide our decision making – and that’s made all of thedifference.”


So are you ready to learn from some of YOUR mistakes, and steer a path for growth?

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P.S.  And –  if you’d like to see Wil in action, check out some of his latest videos of his talks by clicking here.



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