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Inspiration comes in many forms.

In 2003, Jessica Jackley heard a speech by Grameen Bank founder and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, an economist from Bangladesh who had pioneered the idea of microcredit: loans offered to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. “I was so completely blown away,” she says, “by the idea that I quit my job, dropped everything and moved to East Africa to help.” In late 2005 she co-founded with Matt Flannery.

Kiva’s track record over the past decade is simply amazing.

Over 1.3 million lenders have loaned almost a billion dollars to almost 2 million borrowers – using a peer-to-peer model in which lenders sort through profiles of potential borrowers — be they a farmer in Cambodia, a pharmacist in Sierra Leone, or a shopkeeper in Mongolia — and make loans to those they find most appealing. The minimum loan is $25, and the interest rate is 0%. And the repayment rate for loans is more than 98%.

To find out exactly what $25 can do and to hear more about Jackley’s inspirational story see the video below.

  • Go to Minute 4 to hear the story of how Muhammed Yunus’s story motivated her to do something about the poverty she saw.
  • Go right to Minute 6 to hear the good that a microloan can do for a goat herder, a farmer and others who live on a few dollars a day.


Managing and motivating others can be challenging, frustrating and difficult at times.  I hope Jackley’s story helps to encourage you to stay the course – and maybe spread the word – about how it’s possible to change the world.

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Or just reach out and connect to learn more about how you can become a more inspirational leader!




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