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Accelerating Growth with Strategic Leadership, Systems Thinking and a Dedicated Team

Nielsen-Kellerman is an award-winning U.S. manufacturer of high-performance electronics, employing almost 100 people in the Greater Philadelphia area. Founded in 1978 by Richard Kellerman and Paul Nielsen to address the needs of the competitive rowing market, the company has since expanded its sports instrumentation and added Kestrel Weather Instruments serving many markets including agriculture, firefighting,…

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8 Priorities of an Enlightened Company

In late 2014, right before what turned out to be the worst recession in the Oil and Gas industry since the 1970s, the team at Hawke Aerospace (Uniflight), a diversified helicopter services company, decided to embark on a journey to create a more enlightened and exceptional company. Unbeknownst to them, it turned out to be…

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4 Essential Tools for your “Execution Toolbox”

Great execution takes a lot of discipline but if you’ve got the right tool kit to leverage, getting things done – including your plan and your priorities – can be a lot less frustrating and significantly more rewarding.  Duct tape aside, here’s 4 essential tools to add to your kit.

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