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Four Cash Flow Factors to Keep Top of Mind in 2018

The New Year is here! As the first Quarter kicks off, I thought I’d share the following “forecast” about what the upcoming year could hold. Dear Small and Mid-Market Executive – Every year holds its own share of challenges for companies of all sizes, but for those of you in the small and mid-market space…

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THE GREAT GAME of BUSINESS: Coming to Philadelphia

When I was a young engineer at Procter and Gamble, Jack Stack was already becoming a legend in the business world for what he was able to do with a traditional, blue-collar workforce.

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6 Ways to just say “NO”

A good “test” of a great strategy is how often you say NO.  A really solid and well-thought out business strategy means that you’re saying NO more than you’re saying YES…to new opportunities, new people AND potential new clients.

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7 “Halftime” tips

Happy Summer!  For many of us (even the snow lovers) it definitely was a very long winter. But it’s time to take a step back from “the game”, get perspective on what’s been accomplished and plan to make the second half a game winner.

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The 4th Essential Execution Tool

“A lot of you may love mankind, but you hate people.”

A good understanding of the “human factor” behind great execution however is what’s missing in many companies.  While the right tool kit can help make execution a lot less frustrating, as any good craftsman knows, you can’t just have the right tools for a job; you also need to know what material you’re working with.

And in the case of business, that means people…

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The Dark Side of Success…and 3 Lessons Learned

There’s a Chinese proverb, “Failure is the Mother of Success”. Many of us work hard to achieve success, to “climb the mountain”, but in our efforts to get to where ever it is that we’re going, not only do we forget to look back and celebrate how far we’ve come – we also sometimes forget that the pinnacle can be the most dangerous part of the journey. For with great achievements can come hubris – the dark side of success.  And Phil Jaurigue has experienced that first hand.

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What’s your Forecast for 2014?

As 2014 approaches, I thought I’d share the following “forecast” about what the upcoming year could hold.

Dear Small and Mid-Market Executive –

The past few years have held their own share of challenges for companies of all sizes, but for you in the small and mid-market space they’ve been particularly stressful.

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A “cheat sheet” for “Navigating the Growth Curve”

Several years ago, James Fischer, had an ambitious goal. The co-Founder of the Origin Institutea research and consulting company out of Boulder, Colorado, wanted to understand and decipher the patterns, behaviors and the characteristics in entrepreneurial enterprises – and – develop best practices to better navigate the trials and tribulations of business growth.

Six years and over 700 CEO interviews later, Jim documented his findings in the book, “Navigating the Growth Curve: 9 Fundamentals that Build a Profit-driven, People-centered, Growth-smart Company”.

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Five Failures or Five Reminders?

Take this short quiz  (courtesy of the speakers at the Fortune Leadership Summit in Orlando a week ago) and see!


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A 3 Step Cure for “Customer Amnesia”

Dave Power, of Power Strategy, a former CEO and private equity guy, loves to talk about Top Line Growth – and how to get more. Some of you may remember Dave from when he came to Philly last year to talk at our Growth Strategies Summit.  He’s passionate about the subject of beating the “S” curve and I’ve learned a lot from him about staying on top of your market and NOT resting on your laurels.

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Are you falling victim to Procrastination?

The election is next week. The holidays are close behind, and 2013 is just around the corner. And yet many companies still don’t have a formal strategic plan on the books OR a meeting scheduled to create a strategic plan and align their team.

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Why Follow a Path if You Don’t Know the Destination?

As we head into the last quarter of 2012, the subject of strategic planning should be on the top of your list.  In my travels, however, I’ve found that there are 3 categories companies fall into when it comes to Strategic Planning.

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Cash is Queen…

People are the life blood of a business – but getting them engaged and committed can seem like a daunting task at times…

  1. What are you doing to foster engagement in your company?
  2. How are you getting people on the same page and pulling in the same direction?
  3. How much time do you spend reinforcing what’s important AND what are the consequences of not performing?

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How are you holding your team – and yourself – Accountable?

 Accountability seems to be the word of choice these days in many of the business conversations that I’m having.

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A Five-Year Plan, One Quarter at a Time…

I heard a great quote attributed to Verne Harnish the other day.

“A five year plan is achieved One Quarter at a time.”

The second half of 2012 is fast approaching…

Are you on track with your plans for 2012 so far?  Is your Quarterly performance going to get you to your Five Year vision?

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What’s your Number?

Ed Sullivan, four-time entrepreneur and currently CEO of G2Link, has a track record with companies that might turn a few of you green with envy.     And, while he is highly creative, he is also extremely disciplined when it comes to running his businesses. At a recent lunch with him and a couple of my clients, Ed…

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And the Survey Says…

Well the results are in from our Sixth Annual Growth Strategies surveyof the CEO’s of small and mid-market companies in the Greater Philly region and for those of you who haven’t seen the results yet, they’re very encouraging. Some of the key highlights… Businesses that survived the downmarket are now investing and growing Finding, developing and keeping good people…

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So what about those “practical” examples?

As I shared with you last week, the companies that are successful at long-term growth are the ones that find a new “S” curve for their business, according to Dave Power of Power Strategy, the speaker at our upcoming Growth Strategies Breakfast next Friday, the 16th.  Whether it’s a new product, a new way of doing things, a new…

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So what can Dave Power teach you…?

So why am I bringing Dave to Philly?  And more importantly – what can he teach you about dealing with the challenges of growth? Dave Power has spent his career helping growth companies to grow…and helping them do what they don’t want to always do – acknowledge that today’s success doesn’t insure any success going forward, unless you’re willing and…

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How are you “Turning up the Heat” this year?

We’re two weeks into the Second Quarter of 2012…What are you doing to “turn up the heat”? Are you working on GREAT Execution – incorporating the rhythm of daily huddles and weekly tacticals to stay on top of your game and your plan? Is your focus TopGrading your Talent – defining and filling the right “strategic” position in your company which will…

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2012 is Right Around the Corner…

What can you learn from other CEO’s mistakes? One of the biggest “lessons learned” in the stories that I’ve been sharing with you the past few months is making darn sure that your company has a clear Strategy – what it is and sometimes more importantly – what it isn’t. The CEO’s that I spoke with also consistently emphasized how critical…

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Sometimes Life catches Up with You…

In what will continue to be challenging economic times, how do you grow and sustain your company? Strategy and People That’s the message that came through loud and clear two weeks ago at the Fortune Growth Summit in Phoenix.  My biggest takeway? The companies that will weather the storm in the next few years will do so…

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Success can breed some very bad habits…

Founded in 1989 by Phil Jaurigue and two partners, Sabre Systems, Inc. is a technology and engineering consulting company that has grown to over 600 professionals operating both nationally and internationally.  They’ve won the Philly 100 eight times, have competed successfully with the likes of Lockheed Martin and Computer Sciences Corp, and built a well-respected and well-run business. One…

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Save the “Ides of May”…and still looking for your votes!

I’m headed off this weekend to Tucson, Arizona for the Fortune Gazelles Growth conference.  It promises to be a great event with a number of thought—provoking speakers including Dan Pink, author of “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” and the CEO and Founder of Go Daddy, Bob Parsons. As always, I’ll be blogging about my biggest learnings so stay tuned! BUT…

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Two exciting “launches” to announce…and a REMINDER…

Along with our upcoming Rockefeller Habits workshop on December 8th – for more information or to sign up click here – and our first ROARingvideo workshop on November 2nd… I’m pleased to announce the launch of Ballantree Consulting’s new website… and our new Habits video! Would love to hear your reviews and comments! (And vote for your favorite character on the video…

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Jim Collins: “It Really Matters that You Have Core Values”.

“One of the crucial findings from Built To Last research…was that a key underlying factor that allows a company to go from Good to Great…and stay there (not just get there)…is that they have an underlying set of Core Values that DO NOT change.”  Jim Collins A few weeks ago I wrote about  Performance Controls‘ focus on strengthening their Core…

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The mistakes CEO’s make…

A few months back (April to be precise), the Harvard Business Review did an entire issue on Failures. Appropriately named, the “FAILURE” issue : How to Understand it, Learn from it, and Recover from it – the issue featured all sorts of articles about learning from failure, recovering from failure and even the need to study success – which…

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Before you completely settle into the summer…what do you need to “tweak”?

NOW is a great time to take a “time out”, schedule some “think time” for yourself (even if it’s only an hour or two), reflect on your year-to-date performance and consider these 5 Must Do’s – my Takeaways from the Fortune Leadership Conference. How are you doing with your goals and plans?  Did you get everything…

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Calling all “time-starved” CEO’s and Executives….

I’ve spent the last six months or so telling stories about leaders who have achieved success by implementing the Rockefeller Habitsand the Four Decisions in their companies.  There’s tens of thousands of them BTW – world-wide. Given our upcoming Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions Executive Workshop (Link does not work) on May 18th in Philadelphia – an amazing bargain for those of you ready to get serious…

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How do you create and sustain a Great Strategy…?

Over 50% of the small business CEO’s that we surveyed in our most recent Growth Strategies Survey have used the “opportunity” posed by the aftermath of the recession to re-evaluate their strategies and their business models – not a surprising finding I imagine for many of you. Many CEO’s also shared that they now recognize…

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Leadership, Execution and the Power of Two “Simple” Tools

“Our vision has always been good, our strategy has always been solid but execution – that’s where we sometimes fall short….I’m still learning, but I do know that I’m not good at execution.  I’m a good visionary but execution has been our challenge for a long time.” So says Nissen Isakov, Founder and President of LCR Electronics,…

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Every great poem contains a line from another…

Lucinda Holt has led a number of successful companies as CEO over the past decade.  She’s also won numerous awards including E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in Philadelphia. But it’s one of her most recent experiences – being one of the emerging leaders selected to participate in an Eisenhower Fellowship last year – which really inspired and engaged her.  And…

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A THEME to beat all THEMES….and a PLAN to get everyone engaged…

Tony Jost and Dawne Wentzel of Superior Tube are definitely “Scaling Up” fans.  Tony and his team have been using the Habits and the Four Decisions in their planning process for over a year now with great results. “It’s been a business lifestyle change for us,” shares Tony, the CEO and President for the past five years. “And having the management team…

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3 “Must Do’s” to move into the “Modern” age…

So what did Diane Connor and her business partner, Kevin, decide were their 3 Must Do’s in 2011 to maintain their forward momentum? 1)       “Have Faith In Yourself – and Your Customers”.  Initially when Diane ran into the problem I wrote about last week with a major client she said, “I thought that we had failed.  But we were responsive and…

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