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Founded in 1989 by Phil Jaurigue and two partners, Sabre Systems, Inc. is a technology and engineering consulting company that has grown to over 600 professionals operating both nationally and internationally.  They’ve won the Philly 100 eight times, have competed successfully with the likes of Lockheed Martin and Computer Sciences Corp, and built a well-respected and well-run business.

One of Phil’s biggest lessons in the past two decades?

Don’t let success fool you – an appropriate one given the upcoming Philly 100 awards this week.

“Success can breed some very bad habits,” he shared with me recently.  “You can never forget, no matter what industry you’re in, the importance of doing the right business and market intelligence.”

Phil was relaying the story of what had happened to them when the company was still less than $20million and flying high with their successes to date.  “We were definitely drinking the Kool-aid,” he said with an awkward smile.

“We were going after bids that would have tripled the size of the company.  One, with a major defense contractor and worth over $100 million, we were sure that we were going to get.  We had the finances, the team, the product…but forgot the most basic ingredient – you need a message that will resonate with the customer, you need to understand what they really need, what their pain points really are.”

Phil shakes his head remembering.

“We probably spent nine months pulling together the bid, creating a team of fifteen companies.  In the end we put all of our eggs in one basket for a year…so much so that we overlooked a number of smaller opportunities that could have kept us moving forward. We forgot one of the most important commandment of business – KNOW THY CUSTOMER.”

Phil’s takeways from the experience?

  • Stop looking in the rear view mirror and patting yourself on the back;
  • Don’t let success fool you into forgetting the basics, and
  • Do your homework – especially as it relates to your customers and your market.

Good business practices aren’t about taking short cuts and forgetting the basics.  As Phil has told me several times, “It’s all about the basics.”

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