President of FlashPoint!

Having taken a company from $250,000 in sales to over $12 million in sales, Laurie’s perspective on enterprise growth comes from her own experience and the background research of the 7 Stages of Growth enterprise development model.

Committed to helping business owners succeed, Laurie’s real-time experience in starting and growing a business taps into the realities of leadership and management the two hardest aspects of running any business.

While running a 100+ employee company, the opportunity to learn that reality was present every day. Laurie’s experience in leading and managing a growing organization, gives her a perspective grounded in reality. She understands the challenges and the ups and downs of business ownership.
Laurie’s commitment is to help business owners and executive leaders embrace and respect the intelligence that exists within each employee in order to grow and sustain a profitable enterprise. Laurie’s goal is to help business leaders reduce their ’employee anxiety’ and to create ‘dialogues’ around key indicators that encourage the employee to succeed and address the goals of the company.

As a successful business owner, Laurie focuses on aligning a business leader’s issues with the research on a unique growth model, the 7 Stages of Growth, based on the number of employees in a company. Because people add complexity to any organization, staying ahead of a company’s growth curve requires a leader to adapt to new demands, focus on the right things at the right time and understand how growth will impact the organization.

Laurie as president of FlashPoint! is a speaker, trainer and business consultant. She works with companies of all sizes to introduce them to the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth. Her online program Destination, Greatness: Your Financial Success System caters to the small business owner’s need to understand the financial aspects of their business and her Growth Curve Specialist program teaches other business consultants the concepts behind the 7 Stages of Growth.