Executive and entrepreneur

Edward Sullivan founded ExSull, Inc.(Acquired), Solas, Inc (Acquired), LaserLink (Acquired by Covad), Aria Systems and most recently, G2Link.com – a risk management platform for small businesses.

An accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience building and managing technology driven companies, Ed is a serial entrepreneur and investor having started 5 companies where he has raised over $70M in private equity and created $700M in exits for investors and shareholders. Previously, Ed was the Founder and CEO of Aria Systems, an on-demand billing and customer management platform and LaserLink.net, the world’s first and largest Virtual Internet Service Provider. He has worked closely with many large companies as either a customer or partner including Apple, HP, IBM, Disney, Dreamworks, SONY, Cisco, CSC, VMWare and EMC.

Ed also serves on the advisory board of Covad Communications, the Board of Directors of LaserLink, NetQoS (Acquired by CA), Aria Systems and the AHA Foundation.

Ed’s specialties are in starting and building companies. He’s raised over $50M in capital and created over $700M in exits.