CEO, speaker, author, trainer 

Brynne Tillman, CEO is a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning over three decades who has unlocked the power of LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development Professionals. Over the last five years, Brynne has been teaching Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development, has authored a comprehensive workbook and guide, LinkedIn for Business Development and is now is taking the class globally.

SSL’s program is delivered to sales teams and business development professionals globally through certified sales trainers.

Brynne primarily works with other trainers teaching them the program and offering them the tools to train their clients. She also continues to work with a select group of companies and professionals herself to build their LinkedIn presence and train them to effectively use LinkedIn to:

  • Create both professional and company profiles that tell a compelling story, attracts their target market and gets prospects to raise their hand and say “talk to me”
  • Develop searches and filters that feed warm leads to the sales team on a weekly basis
  • Leverage LinkedIn Groups to engage targeted members that created conversation and ultimately relationships
  • Create thought leadership online and in person
  • Write templates that lead to warm introductions and qualified sales meetings
  • Significantly increase the top line, period.

Brynne has taught professionals from ARAMARK to TD Bank to IBM, as well as thousands of others. Social Sales Link is the new way of selling. It provides the link between the traditional sales training model and modern day social media and technology for sales leads and intelligence. These social media solutions for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales managers, sales teams and personal producers not only fill the sales funnel with warm qualified leads, but assist in researching prospects, industry and competition that gives the sales professional an edge that others just don’t have. Brynne’s LinkedIn expertise includes developing key strategies to connect with prospects, creating an SEO profile so that you can be found, utilizing group members and discussions, creating a strong network of professionals, and developing LinkedIn marketing plans for individuals and sales teams that drive business and ultimately revenues. Brynne, through Social Sales Link, is thrilled to now offer this powerful curriculum to sales trainers all over the world.

President and founder of Intelligent Conversations

As President and Founder of Intelligent Conversations, Mike Carroll brings over 22 years of sales and marketing experience to Intelligent Conversations to deliver sales systems that drive remarkable revenue growth for our clients. Mike works hands-on with senior executives, sales leaders, and salespeople to change behaviors, grow new skills, and increase value by implementing methodologies proven to create results. With a wide range of business-to-business sales and marketing experience, Mike has expertise in manufacturing, telecommunications, software, and financial services, including commercial and small business banking.

Prior to founding Intelligent Conversations, a sales force development consultancy based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike held senior positions in sales, sales management, and product management at Wachovia Bank, M&I Bank, Mindlever, Inc., and Fiserv, Inc. He holds a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin.

Mike is an active volunteer on many committees at his church and at his kids’ schools, and he sings bass in his church choir. Mike and his wife, Pam, live in Milwaukee with their four children.

Please visit his LinkedIn Profile here.

View his blog for presidents, CEOs and business owners at: CEO Sales Guide.