Marissa Levin

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming it.”

Helen Keller

What a gift Marissa Levin gave to our CEO Think Tank ® community! She kicked off our 4th Quarter webinar series with her newest creation, “Lead and Communicate with GRACE” and definitely started us on the right foot for Q4 reflection and planning.

So many gems to ponder, as well as questions to consider as we buckle down and prepare for the year ahead.  I would strongly encourage you to zip over to our YouTube channel to check out the replay and schedule an hour with your team to watch together – maybe on a Friday afternoon for a virtual cocktail?  Or middle of the week for a virtual lunch?

Then, have each leader set a goal to implement one new best practice, listen to a podcast or read or listen to on the resources Marissa suggests or one of your own for the 4th Quarter.

Here’s just a few of my Key Takeaways that I’m working to remember over the next few months and I’d love to hear yours.

  • Leading with GRACE requires Self-Leadership, Organizational Leadership and Leadership of Others.


  • Self-Leadership starts with digging deep to find your personal Grit and Resilience. Organizational Leadership means being Adaptable and ready to Pivot to remain relevant in today’s environment – or – face obsolescence. Leadership of Others requires maintaining strong Connection to those you lead, with compassion.


  • To cultivate your own Grit and Resilience ask yourself:
    • When you’ve had to stay the course on a difficult task or project, how did you motivate yourself?
    • What are some of the messages you tell yourself when you feel overwhelmed in order to move through it?
    • Who are the people you reach out to for support and guidance during these times?


Interested in learning more about Leading and Communicating with GRACE? Check out the whole webinar here. 

And – here’s three offers to help you on your journey to grow as an Enlightened Leader:

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