It’s only Halftime…3 Critical Tips for your “Locker Room” talks

It doesn’t matter if you’re missing your goals or on an Olympic Pace, here are my 3 “locker room” tips for continuing a world record pace OR getting your team and yourself back on track.

1. If you’re missing your goals, what do you need to change or shift?

Is it all of your goals or just some of them?

Are the ones that you’re missing tied to key people or is it lack of team effort?

Are you doing the right activities (like reaching out to your customer base) but not just enough of them to make a difference?

Remember, the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results so don’t continue with the same tactics in the second half if they didn’t work in the first.  Dig deep, analyze to understand the reasons behind the “misses” and make smart, calculated changes to what you’re doing to get back on track.

2. If you’re making progress but it’s not enough – do you and your people have the right sense of urgency around your goals?  Do they understand how they’re expected to contribute to the overall goals for the company?

Are you having the right kinds of weekly and daily meetings so that people know before the quarter has flown by where they are versus their goals?

Do they have clear position descriptions that include outcomes and a scorecard  – at the individual and team level?

What kind of coaching conversations are occurring with people who aren’t meeting expectations?

If you don’t have a sense of urgency and the right disciplines in place to communicate that business need, your employees won’t.  It might be time for some heart to hearts – and – a firmer hand on the playbook.

3)    If you’re on track or exceeding your goals, what are you doing right?

All too often if we’re meeting our goals, we don’t bother to ask why.  We just keep plodding.  This is the perfect opportunity to look at what’s working and make sure that you continue the positive trend.

What do you want to keep doing and what are you learning in the process so that you can “institutionalize” what works?

How might you need to adjust your plan so that you can capture the good stuff?

Who’s involved in the success stories and are you recognizing their achievements?

Good luck with your second half!



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