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Start with yourself.

Most of the “prophets” of leadership from Jim Kouzes to Stephen Covey to Jim Collins tell us that leading others start with leading yourself.  I’m always telling the people I meet that I’m incredibly grateful for the time that I spent at Procter and Gamble early in my career.  Not only did I get an amazing opportunity to work for one of the most-admired companies but I also received at least a $250,000 education in leadership in the process (in 2012 P&G was ranked one of the best companies for developing leaders).

It’s an education in leadership and management that I continue to capitalize on and leverage 25 years later in my work with small mid-market CEO’s and their management teams.

Over the coming months I’ll be taking the opportunity to tell you some stories about the amazing and insightful leaders with whom I worked at P&G and inviting you to examine your own leadership style – your strengths, your weaknesses, your unique abilities, your core purpose and what you want to give back to the world.  And in the process, provide you with the tools that you need to conquer probably one of the most difficult leadership challenge for most of us – leading ourselves!

So look for my coming posts…and in the meantime, SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming Growth Strategies Summit “Creating Your Preferred Future” with our guest speaker, best-selling author, former Inc 500 CEO and Inc columnist, Kevin Daum on Friday, March 15th from 7:30 to 10:30am at the Union League of Philadelphia.  He’ll help you remove the most insidious barriers to growth as a leader – not having your own plan!

Stay tuned…Invites will be coming out shortly!

Ps – and check out this great Google Leadership video with Jim Kouzes talking about his latest edition of the Leadership Challenge!



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