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We’re two weeks into the Second Quarter of 2012…What are you doing to “turn up the heat”?

Are you working on GREAT Execution – incorporating the rhythm of daily huddles and weekly tacticals to stay on top of your game and your plan?

Is your focus TopGrading your Talent – defining and filling the right “strategic” position in your company which will help you grow?

Or maybe you’re continuing to REFINE your Strategy – staying in touch with your Customers and reaching out – personally – to understand better how you can serve them?

In her effort to focus on GREAT Execution, Liz Jaworksi, CEO of Ron Jaworski Golf is turning up the heat at RJG…literally.  The THEME that they’ve adopted for 2012 is a takeoff on the year’s numbers appropriately:

“212 Degrees”

So, taking her cue from the video from Simple Truths, this year she’s pushing her whole company for “that extra degree” of effort that can be the difference between good results and GREAT results.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ron Jaworski Golf (or RJG for short), they’ve been in business for over thirty years – and have been a mainstay of the Greater Philly and Southern NJ business community.  Currently, they run three golf courses in Southern New Jersey, Running Deer, Riverwinds, and Valley Brook – not far from where I live.  But they also offer indoor tennis at RiverWinds and do a brisk business in special events like Weddings and Outings.  AND – this year – Liz and her team have adopted the “Rockefeller Habits” for their strategic thinking and execution planning process to support their growth goals.

Not that they didn’t have a lot of great business practices in place already.  They’ve always been disciplined about Execution, looking at their numbers, having weekly meetings to stay on top of their goals and having fun while they’re doing it all BUT they wanted to take those good “best practices” further.  Thus the push for getting everyone at the company – they employ over 300 people in the high season – figuring out how they can turn things up a notch, both on the top and bottom-line.

The theme, as you can imagine, has already begun to have an effect on how they’re doing business AND lends itself to all sorts of fun activities and great motivating rewards, but Liz and her team aren’t the only ones implementing new “best practices” to drive results…

There are other companies, like Datacolor, which has benefited from a clear Focus on People and using the TopGrading tools to interview and hire and others like CHBriggs which, in a highly commoditized market, is continuing to tighten and refine their Strategy, leveraging “Customer Intimacy”, something Dave Poweremphasized at our Growth Strategies Breakfast.

Look for more in upcoming blogs…and if part of your goals for the year including keeping yourself sharp as a Leader, considering joining me in Atlanta on May 15th and 16th for the Fortune Leadership Conference.

Let me know if you can attend!



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