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I’ve spent the last six months or so telling stories about leaders who have achieved success by implementing the Rockefeller Habitsand the Four Decisions in their companies.  There’s tens of thousands of them BTW – world-wide.

Given our upcoming Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions Executive Workshop (Link does not work) on May 18th in Philadelphia – an amazing bargain for those of you ready to get serious about creating a sustainable business – I figured I’d take a few posts to tell you the TOP 10 REASONS why I believe in the tools and the process and how they can help YOU create, grow and run a sustainable business.


#10 —  CEO’s and Business Leaders who apply the principles to their companies get their time back…

To focus on the priorities that will help them drive their business along the growth path and…so they can get time for their life priorities too!  Too many of the CEO’s and Executives that I know in the small to mid-size business market haveNO TIME.  With fewer people, dollars and resources than their big company counterparts they struggle to get everything done and they and their companies suffer.

The Four Decisions framework (which is what we teach in the workshop – it’s not in the “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” (Link does not work) book) helps simplify the process of prioritization and focus that seems to plague so many growing businesses.

And those key Decisions – People, Strategy, Execution and Cash  are the ones that every CEO and their Leadership team need to evaluate and make on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis if they’re going to deal with the challenges of running and growing a small business…

Elegant really in its simplicity…Stay tuned for the rest of the list…Coming Soon!

And – if you’re ready to get YOUR time back, sign up here…



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