A Summer “Sizzle” Offer…good til Labor Day!

“The “Rockefeller Habits” has improved our focus and discipline. We have a written plan that’s driving growth and accountability, individual plans for each manager that give them clarity in their jobs and reward performance, AND I have the time to look outside the business for our next growth opportunity!  And, we’re on track to have our best year ever!”

Ed Remster, CEO, SJ Transportation 

For those of you who haven’t had the chance

…or taken the time to find out how the “Rockefeller Habits” can help you to grow a more profitable, sustainable business, increase accountability and keep you and your team focused and on track

And, since it’s never too early to think about ensuring your business and personal success, I wanted to extend a special, “Summer Sizzle” offer, good til Labor Day – to attend our 2013 Planning workshop,coming November 8th

Our 1-day public workshop format is a great way –  at a very reasonable price point – for a leadership team to gain exposure to the 4 Decisions Model, the Rockefeller Habits, and the 1-Page Strategic Plan and set yourself up for success in 2013!

And, if you sign up by Labor Day…

I’m offering a complimentary face to face two hour coaching session with you to –

* Better understand your business situation and challenges,

* Clarify your goals and

* Help you plan ahead for the workshop (including sharing some propriety tools)…

So that you can maximize the value you and your team will take away from the day.

So, for those of you who want to take advantage of this great opportunity, click here to register!

Or pass this offer along to a well-deserving colleague…and thanks for your help!


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