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I heard a great quote attributed to Verne Harnish the other day.“A five-year plan is achieved, one quarter at a time.”

The second half of 2012 is fast approaching…

Are you on track with your plans for 2012 so far?  Is your Quarterly performance going to get you to your Five Year vision?

Or are you plodding along?   

Your smaller size versus some of the “big guys” can be an asset.  But it won’t help you if you can’t learn to turn on a dime.  So here are three sets of questions for you – and your team – to consider before the second half starts…

  1. Where have you had the biggest success in the past six to twelve months?  What have you done OR not done to achieve that success – that you need to continue doing OR not doing?
  2. What has changed since you put your 2012 plan together at the end of last year?  How might your annual plan need to be adjusted?
  3. What new opportunity has presented itself that could be leveraged to increase your revenues or improve your profitability or upgrade your staff?  What could you do in the next 90 days to take advantage of the “window”?

And most importantly…

Have you scheduled a “review” meeting with your team to get them together in the same room, even if only for a ½ day to contemplate the answers to these questions???

Let me know how it goes…would love to hear the stories of how you’re achieving your vision!



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