We’ve covered a lot of ground in our blogs over the past year, always with an eye to sharing resources, stories and best practices to help you to be a better leader and grow a more profitable business. And of course – save you time!

Time is the great equalizer after all, especially since no one has yet figured out how to manufacture it. But we believe if you have access to the right resources and tools, you can stop wasting it.

So with an eye towards helping you manage your most precious resource, here are some of our most popular (and tool-oriented) blogs from 2018 with a few bonus tools as well!

Here’s to a profitable and prosperous 2019!

Creating a more Valuable (and Profitable) Business:

Rich Manders Maximizing Your Exit

Schedule an hour to watch serial entrepreneur Rich Manders’ talk at Harvard and read the blog to learn about the SPARKLE model for evaluating your business AND creating a more valuable and sustainable company. Then, use the 7 factors to determine the most important priority for you to focus on in the coming year.

Bonus tool: Plot your course for 2019 and beyond using the One Page Strategic Plan™ from Verne Harnish of Scaling Up. Instructions for running your own planning session can be found at this link.

Engaging and Developing your Team

Take 5 minutes to read one of our most popular blogs, “Why People Follow” and then have yourself and your team take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. Have everyone do the Red/Green test too (from Marcus Buckingham’s book “Go: Put Your Strengths to Work” – find it here).

Or just reach out to us and we’ll send you the exercise!

Then, schedule a brown bag lunch or order in and lead a discussion with your team to help them discover where they’re leveraging their talents and how they might improve over the coming year.

Improving Profitability and your Labor Productivity


Read CEO Jill Huentelman’s story “Six Steps to Growing a More Profitable Company” and learn how she used the Business Model Canvas and Greg Crabtree’s Cash Tools to improve profitability and her balance sheet.

Then get a hold of Greg’s easy to read book, Simple Numbers, to find out how to calculate your Salary Caps, Labor Efficiency Ratios and manage the Four Forces of Cash Flow in your company. More on his Cash tools can be found here.

Getting Your Employees to help you Win the Game


Discover how CEO Traci Bolander leveraged the power of Open Book management and the Great Game of business to improve profitability and drive top-line growth at Mid-Atlantic Behavioral Care.

Then download the mini-game toolkit to create your own and get your team geared up to win 2019!


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