Talent Acquisition and Management

Hiring talent is a one of the biggest challenges that small mid-market companies have. There is nothing more frustrating than when you think you’ve hired an “A” player who turns out to be a B- at best or just isn’t a culture-fit. High employee turnover wastes time and money and demotivates the rest of your staff, so how do you ensure you are hiring the right people who will help you drive growth and profitability?

We help take the uncertainty out of hiring talent. Our robust set of talent management tools are designed to help you identify, hire, and maintain the right group of employees for your company. You will increase your leadership team’s performance and employee’s productivity with the help of the following advisory services:

  • Talent screening, selection, and management
  • Balanced scorecard organizational mapping for optimal performance
  • Scorecard design and implementation based on principles from Topgrading™

By finding the best employees for your critical roles with the right skill set as well as a fit for your culture, your business will have higher customer satisfaction and run more efficiently and productively, with less oversight needed from you! Employees will be more motivated and committed to your business and their jobs, and you can be confident that you are making the correct decisions when you hire talent.

Don’t hire another person without our tools or support! Contact us today to see how we can help you run a more sustainable and profitable business.

We’ll help you build a strategy to attract and hire “A” players who will improve your business’s bottom line and create an aligned and accountable team

We’ll teach you the most effective ways to strategize, plan and prioritize, and work with you to nail the execution, freeing up your time to handle the work that matters most.