Talent Acquisition and Management

Hiring and managing talent is a one of the biggest challenges that small mid-market companies have. How often have you hired someone you thought would be an “A” player who turns out to be a B- at best or just isn’t a culture-fit? And high turnover wastes time and money.

Our robust set of talent management tools are designed to help you identify, hire, and engage the right employees. And they’ll help you increase your leadership team’s performance and productivity too.

Learn how your business can run more efficiently and effectively, and have higher customer satisfaction, with less oversight needed from you!

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First, Break all the Rules – by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman

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Cheryl Beth’s Note

Our “go to” book for all things people and management related. Gallup has written the seminal work around engaging your workforce and has the tools to go along with their research. This is just the first book in the series – and includes the now famous Q12 to measure engagement as well as the Gallup performance management system – in the appendix. Other follow on books include Now, Discover Your Strengths as well as Strengths-based Leadership which all of our clients use to help them identify Talents and nurture them.


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