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Turning good employees into great managers and leaders is one of the biggest challenges that small and mid-market businesses face as they scale. Indeed, lack of Leadership is at the top of Verne Harnish’s list of barriers to growth.

But what if you had access to the guidance and programs to overcome this barrier?

Our leadership workshops and customized management coaching will grow you and your employees into more effective managers, focused on achieving results. “Leading Success”, our proprietary leadership development program, will sharpen the skills of your high potential employees and improve engagement throughout your company. More importantly for your company’s growth, you will solidify your succession plan and create your next generation of leaders.

We’ll help you grow yourself and your team! To learn how reach out and schedule a free 45 minute consultation.

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Suggested Reading

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work & in Life, One Conversation at a Time – by Susan Scott, 2000

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Cheryl Beth’s Note

A master teacher of positive change through powerful communication, Susan Scott’s book has been a staple of ours for over a decade. In this step by step guide, Scott teaches readers how to overcome barriers to meaningful communication; expand and enrich conversations with colleagues, friends, and family; increase clarity and improve understanding; and handle strong emotions – on both sides of the table. Scott offers the type of concrete advice and confidence-building counsel that should help even the most reticent improve their communication skills dramatically, and become a better leader in the process.


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