Top-Line Growth and Innovation

Are you struggling to stay relevant in your industry, unable to generate the growth and sales you need to meet your financial targets, or losing business to your competition?

Our top-line, hands-on growth program will help you create a pipeline of products and services to keep you ahead of the competition, enlarge your market, and provide recurring revenue. We’ll help you identify and address the gap between your longer term objectives and your current growth and identify new opportunities in your current customer base to drive revenue and more importantly gross profits.

If figuring out the secrets to increasing top-line growth and profitability in your business has you stumped, contact us to learn more.

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The Curve Ahead: Discovering the Path to Unlimited Growth - by Dave Power, 2014

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Cheryl Beth’s Note

Why do most growth companies stop growing? What can leaders do to overcome the barriers to growth? The Curve Ahead tackles these questions using examples from brands like LoJack and Myspace. Dave Power draws on a lifetime of experiences to show growth company leaders how to sustain growth over time by building innovation into the rhythm of business operations.


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