Steve Christini

(Alumnus) President of Christini AWD Motorcycles (Christini Technologies, Inc.)

Steve’s Specialties:

  • Project Manager with extensive experience in manufacturing and operations. Experience in large industrial plant construction and start ups as well as small facilities with assembly lines.
  • Engineering Design specialist with 6 International patents in multiple mechanical applications.
    Manufacturing Sourcing of manufactured parts from metal fabrication to injection molding.
  • Specialist in automotive type product lines.
  • Expert Designer in 3D engineering design software.
  • Accomplished machinist with 10 years of experience. Able to integrate machining practices directly into part fabrication to minimize material and fabrication costs.
  • Logistics specialist able to negotiate and manage the import and export of complete product lines from small parts to complete vehicles.
  • Public Relations and advertising experience focused on consumer product. Managed campaigns and placement of our products in over 50 international publications and TV shows.
  • Entrepreneurial expertise in raising capital for start up operations to manufacturing financing.

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