(Current Member) President and CTO at Extreme Scale Solutions.

Developer with experience in network security, database development, compilers, and operating systems. Currently focus on high performance computing through many-core chip architectures.

Molecular biology experience in gene expression acquisition and statistical analysis. Modeling of neural systems, specifically nucleus tractus solitarius baroreflex-implicated response to acute hypertension. Experience with microarrays and next generation sequencing systems. Some animal experience (i.e. vascular surgeries on rats and brain dissections).

I am currently honing management and business development skills.

Specialties: Fluent in most computer languages (i.e., XML, C++, Java, SQL, CSS, PHP, etc). Somewhat expert with UNIX internals (i.e. linux and BSD) and compiler internals (mostly gcc and Open64). Expert in bioinformatics, statistical analyses (especially with multiple tests), and biochemical modeling.

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