Eric Janson

(Alumnus) Founder of Parallel Edge.

Eric Janson founded Parallel Edge first as a part time venture and, beginning in May 1996, as a full time business. Having come to IT support and CAD Management from the design side, Eric brought a unique perspective to IT support for the AEC industry.  Rather than focus on the products, as most I.T. support groups were doing at the time, Parallel Edge started out focusing on the service side and only began offering Hardware and Software solutions as clients requested that service largely as a convenience.  This approach remains intact today, our services expand based on client business needs, not on the latest greatest buzz.  Bridging the gaps between practice area, technical need, and operational simplicity have always been at the heart of the Parallel Edge mission.

Eric has written for CADence magazine, taught at AutoDesk University, and is a past president of the Philadelphia AutoCAD Users Group. He holds a master’s degree in Interior Design from Drexel University and has successfully passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (N.C.I.D.Q.) exam, and yes he really does know the technical side.

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