Claudia Timbo

(Current Member) Founder and CEO of CompanyVoice.

I first met Cheryl Beth when she was a speaker on a panel focused on entrepreneurship at a symposium at a local College.  Impressed with Cheryl’s business acumen surrounding strategic initiative, I joined the CEO Think Tank® to be motivated by Cheryl’s enthusiasm and learn the Rockefeller Habits strategies to create the best organization possible.

Joining the CEO Think Tank® has helped me focus on the talents within my organization and then apply them to maximize efficiency and drive growth. The other value has been the phenomenal network of highly motivated and successful business professionals.

– Claudia Timbo

Claudia Timbo is an entrepreneur and foremost expert in helping businesses all over the country improve their marketing position, with a 30 year track record of promoting business growth through call campaigns. CompanyVoice is Claudia’s fifth call center, after the successful growth and sale of four previous business ventures. She has held executive positions in five teleservices ventures with accountability for and accomplishments in operations, revenue generation, management, hiring practices, employee incentives and relationship building. Because of her knowledge, Claudia is a sought after panelist in her industry and the academic community on the topics of hiring practices, entrepreneurship and start up ventures.

Claudia’s Specialties:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Startup Call Center
  • Government RFP – government request for proposal
  • Bottom line orientation, P & L, forecasting, and financial performance
  • Self funding sales and lead generation programs with ROI
  • Award winning, unique recruiting practices for attracting and retaining top talent with optimum performance penetrating industries that were non traditional targets of products and services
  • Identification of investors / buyers negotiating acquisition or partnership

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