Chris Dohl

(Current Member) VP at The Alias Group.

The Alias Group grows your business by working with you to establish, organize, advance, or manage any combination of your sales, marketing, planning, and processing. The Alias Group provides a dedicated team whose expertise is designing and implementing custom solutions to augment core competencies. More than consultants, Alias works together with you and your people to not just identify, but also do the work required for your company to grow. Our philosophy is grounded in making the biggest difference based on a commitment to being cost effective, modern, experienced, collaborative, flexible, and transparent. With The Alias Group, you get all the benefits of having sales, planning, process, and marketing services without the major investment of hiring in-house. Having The Alias Group work, not just for you, but as you, frees up owners and managers from the timely, expensive, and often fruitless hiring, training, and sometimes firing of employees.

Twenty years ago, the company started out as a small business with a few people wearing multiple hats. It was all hustle all the time just to get the job done. We evolved. We added a sales process. It was repeatable. It was efficient. It was effective.
We learned, through trial and error, through research and experience, through professional education and mentors, how to become who we wanted to be. We now bring the tools, resources, manpower, and experience necessary for continual success to other companies and help them discover their own Growth Identity.

Chris Dohl is Vice President of The Alias Group and focuses on processes, order, and getting to the facts of any situation to find solutions. He has a fanatical focus on the science of sales as a process. His work mantra is “Monitor it. Improve it. Results are guaranteed.” Chris is a graduate of the University of Delaware and was captain of the men’s swim team. In 2006, he left a two billion dollar business to join a six person distribution and sales company, Alias in its infancy.

It isn’t all work and no play. When Chris isn’t working, he loves to play golf and enjoy his children’s multiple hobbies and activities that take him from the stage to grass fields and of course a pool deck.

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