Carlo Beuf

(Current Member) Senior Executive at Cenero LLC

As the Senior Applications Engineer and Director of Sales, it is Carlo Beuf’s responsibility to ensure that the very specific functional audiovisual goals of our clients are discussed and understood, then successfully implemented in their design. He does this through a thorough discovery process, extensive dialogue with end-users and owners, knowledge of our clients’ environments and needs, and knowledge of the latest technologies to address those needs. His main objective is to listen carefully, offer solutions and alternatives, and help achieve targeted budget goals.Carlo also acts as the point-man for our larger projects during the design phase, acting as the primary conduit to Cenero and the rest of the design team. Carlo has been helping our clients implement successful audio-visual solutions for over ten years now.


  • Videoconferencing,
  • Unified Communication,
  • Cloud Based Video,
  • BYOD,
  • Streaming,
  • Digital Signage,
  • Sound Masking,
  • Boardroom and Conference Room Audiovisual Systems,
  • Training Rooms

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