John Fisher

President and founder of Unidec.

Unidec repairs and supports validated automation, process control and monitoring equipment utilized in the pharmaceutical, electronics and other manufacturing industries. John has spent most of his career in creation and leveraging of innovative software and hardware techniques and technologies including AI and Expert Systems software in business and scientific environments.


Computer Science/Software and Hardware Development:
Chief architect of software solutions to perform in circuit and functional test and troubleshooting of mixed signal automation and robotics controls using AI and expert systems techniques that emphasize machine adaptive learning.

Marketing and Operations Experience:
Developed custom business CRM, BOM and workflow, project management processes and database systems.  Development of 1600 line item products and independent services.  Created functional and quality standards as part of Total Quality Excellence Program.  John has written business and marketing plans including SWOT analysis, Porters 5 force models, gap analysis, market segmentation, channel strategies and created financial and decision models for setting service offering pricing and compensation plans.

Software development. Built in Self test (BIST), expert system programming, CAD system development. Program in OOP languages, assembly language code for Intel and Motorola, and database design.  Electrical engineering, analog and digital systems, test engineering, functional test, embedded processor systems, system integration, diagnostics.


John holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University School of Engineering.  In 2002, John obtained a Masters degree in Management from the University of Pennsylvania, a joint program of the Wharton School of Business & the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).  John serves on Advisory Boards for local colleges including the Drexel University’s Goodwin School and the Delaware County Community College Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) Center.

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