Program Overview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to:

  • Have the confidential input and advice of other experienced business leaders when you are grappling with a difficult decision?
  • Learn from and be surrounded by like-minded, respected, and experienced CEOs?
  • Have a professionally facilitated, candid forum that is invested in your growth as a business leader as well as a human being?
  • Have someone you trust and respect who holds you accountable to the commitments you make – and – provides a sounding board when you’re unsure of the best path forward?

Our CEO Think Tank® members don’t wonder, they experience it directly with their Think Tank® groups.

CEO Think Tank® is the only CEO and Senior Executive support group program that incorporates peer interaction, business success and personal growth in a confidential and supportive setting. Most of our competitors focus on the business aspects with only token support given to the whole person. We believe that for a group such as this to be most effective, it has to “be there” for its members. Therefore, with that belief, our programs are built to strengthen the environment that help our members grow professional and personally.

As a member of a CEO Think Tank® group, you have access and are expected to attending the following programs and meetings:

I. Monthly Executive Roundtables Meeting

Each of our CEO Think Tank® groups is made up of diverse, carefully screened, and talented group of executives, who are committed to each others’ success. As a member of CEO Think Tank® group, you will be expected to attend in the group’s monthly Think Tank® meeting. You are also expected to host at least one of the monthly meetings every year.

Unlike some other executive support groups, CEO Think® Tank is not a self-facilitated forum. We understand how challenging it can be to put a group of successful and driven CEOs in a room. To make sure the group stays on track and gets value from every meeting, each executive roundtable is led by a well-trained, experienced facilitator with a significant business background. The facilitator steers the group discussion and interaction in the right direction to maximize impact. Your job is to show up, raise questions, and participate in discussions.

II. One-on-One Coaching with a CEO Think Tank® Advisor

We are truly the “general practitioner” for small and mid-market businesses. Our Think Tank® advisors will make sure that you have a plan, that you stay focused and accountable to your commitments thereby ensuring your own success. This monthly one-on-one meeting is customized for your individual leadership development and business needs and is designed to get you asking questions of yourself, your businesses and get the right coaching on different areas, including:

  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Executive team development
  • Business planning
  • Organizational and culture dynamics
  • Business development and positioning
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Financial business management

III. Quarterly Learning


Not only are we invested in your personal and professional growth as CEO, we are also want to help drive the growth of your company. That means that we want to see your team grow and succeed as well. We are the only Executive roundtable program that encourages you to bring members of your leadership team to our Quarterly speakers meetings for free where we invite experts to talk on a variety of topics. We also conduct two Learning Events each year which are also included in your membership fee on relevant business subjects ranging from Driving Strategic Innovation to the Seven Stages of Business Growth to Managing Your Salary Cap.

Our CEO Think Tank® members and their leadership teams are encouraged to attend Quarterly Learning events free of charge. So there’s no excuse not to come. Check out our upcoming events, meet our past speakers, and bring your team along! Here are some more of our past topics:

  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Business Strategy
  • Building a Sales Culture
  • Financial Management
  • Preferred Futuring
  • and many more…

IV. Annual Retreat

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Each year we conduct a 1 1/2 day annual retreat which gives our members time to do a “mid-year” review as well as take some personal reflection time for themselves. Just like a championship football team wouldn’t squander their half-time huddle, we also want to take a step back, learn from the first half of the year and set ourselves up for success in the second half by taking some “think time”, exposing ourselves to new tools and thought-leaders and having a chance to just deepen our relationships with each other.

Our members say that of all of our meetings, our retreats are not to be missed!

“Great annual retreat – as always.  My head is still swimming from all of the discussion, information and suggestions offered during the last few days.  Your facilitation throughout the day and a half was fabulous. Thanks!”
Diane Connor, Modern Graphics
“Thank you for the last few days of knowledge. I love the new ideas you taught us, the old ones you reinforced and the courage you showed us to make changes.”
Liz Jaworkski, Ron Jaworkski Golf
Our members say that of all of our meetings, our retreats are not to be missed!

Our members say that of all of our meetings, our retreats are not to be missed!