CEO Think Tank®’s Concept


Many CEOs tire of being the smartest person in the room. They get frustrated from not knowing what they don’t know. They struggle to gain objectivity and identify credible resources and knowledge which stalls their growth, decreases their profitability and creates vulnerability.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be part of a cost-effective peer-to-peer community of CEOs with access to expert resources, creating a brain trust that gets you focused, identifies the right questions and helps you determines useful and practical solutions?

Is CEO Think Tank® the best solution for you?

Helping you succeed starts with identifying the business challenges that are holding you back. CEO Think Tank® groups are designed to give you uninterrupted time to focus on yourself and your business while helping you see clearly and think strategically before executing. Our membership criteria are selective, ensuring you connect with experienced, like-minded CEO peers.

While CEO Think Tank® is not a one-size-fits-all organization for all CEOs, we are the best in what we do because:

  1. We hold you accountable to your commitments. As someone once said, “Strategic planning without execution is only hallucination.”
  2. We facilitate direct access to carefully tested experts who fill in your business knowledge gaps.
  3. As a Gazelles affiliate we integrate proven methodology and tools into our meetings and advisory services assuring success with people, strategy, cash, and execution.

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Cheryl Beth and Gazelles Founder - Verne Harnish. It's always an inspiration being around Verne.

Cheryl Beth and Gazelles Founder – Verne Harnish. It’s always an inspiration being around Verne.